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Cienica en podcast con Ciencia al Cubo Programa dedicado a novedades y curiosidades de la ciencia. Temas relacionados con la salud. Divulgacion cientifica, se hace eco de los  descubrimientos e investigaciones cienticas.

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  1. 50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #7
    7.85 min. | 4.9777694 user rating
    More 50 Amazing Facts videos: Sources used for these facts: Subscribe! New videos every Saturday: Facebook...

  2. China Open 2014 Highlights: Xu Xin VS Zhang Jike (SEMI)
    7.18 min. | 4.878788 user rating
    Review all the highlights from the Xu Xin Vs Zhang Jike Men's Single Semifinal from the ITTF China Open 2014 Subscribe here for more official Table Tennis highlights:

  3. Tesla Model S First Delivery Event in Hong Kong
    2.32 min. | 4.9384613 user rating
    At Hong Kong's Kai Tak Cruise Terminal earlier this week, Tesla handed eight owners the keys to the first right hand drive Model S's in Asia. Jerome Guillen, Tesla's Vice President of Worldwide...

  4. 中国好声音 第3季 2014-07-25期 纯享版独播:张碧晨《她说》
    3.30 min. | 4.8548894 user rating
    中国好声音第三季20140725期完整版HD 720p 中国好声音第三季20140725期完整版HDTV FULL

  5. Jeremy Lin Visits China
    0.83 min. | 4.8978724 user rating
    Jeremy Lin visits a basketball camp in China as part of his tour. About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the United States a...

  6. Nightmare Insect Found in China
    2.37 min. | 4.897744 user rating
    One of the scariest, creepiest & largest bugs in the world is a newly discovered aquatic giant insect found in China. This creepy dobson fly species has huge pincers and looks like something...

  7. 10 Misconceptions Rundown
    3.98 min. | 4.9393826 user rating
    Help support videos like this: **CGPGrey T-Shirts for sale!**: Grey's blog: ...

  8. 中国好声音 第3季 2014-07-25 独播:周深惊艳女声献唱《欢颜》 那英杨坤惊呆了:男的!
    10.05 min. | 5.0 user rating
    中国好声音第三季20140725期完整版HD 720p 中国好声音第三季20140725期完整版HDTV FULL

  9. How Many Countries Are There?
    5.43 min. | 4.9446435 user rating
    Discuss this video: Help support videos like this:

  10. Are Hong Kong & Macau Countries?
    4.88 min. | 4.9230123 user rating
    Discuss this video: Support: Podcast: http://www...

  11. Wait For It...The Mongols!: Crash Course World History #17
    11.53 min. | 4.953282 user rating
    Crash Course World History is now available on DVD! Visit to buy a set for your home or classroom. You can directly support Crash Cour...

  12. Yao Ming's Top 10 Plays of his Career
    2.85 min. | 4.8866243 user rating
    Considered to be one of the best shooting big men in the history of the game, Yao Ming towered over his defenders and was a global icon & Chinese hero. Few p...

  13. LMQ vs compLexity | S4 NA LCS Summer split 2014 Week 10 Day 1 | LMQ vs COL W10D1 G1 Full Game HD
    41.13 min. | 4.916084 user rating
    Analyst desk here: Next match of the day - TSM vs Evil Geniuses: S4 NA LCS Summer split 2014 Week 10...

  14. 50 Common Misconceptions - mental_floss on YouTube (Ep.1)
    6.18 min. | 4.872791 user rating
    A weekly show hosted by John Green, where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John debunks 50 common misconceptions that...

  15. 10 Unexplained Discoveries
    2.35 min. | 4.9073005 user rating
    10 Unexplained Discoveries Some findings are puzzling, these are downright unexplainable, find out more in 10 unexplained discoveries. Music = Round the Cloc...

  16. 中国好声音 第3季 2014-07-25期 纯享版独播:张丹丹《爱是一颗幸福的子弹》
    3.30 min. | 4.958763 user rating
    中国好声音第三季20140725期完整版HD 720p 中国好声音第三季20140725期完整版HDTV FULL

  17. Int'l Commerce, Snorkeling Camels, and The Indian Ocean Trade: Crash Course World History #18
    10.25 min. | 4.9709196 user rating
    In which John Green teaches you the history of the Indian Ocean Trade. John weaves a tale of swashbuckling adventure, replete with trade in books, ivory, and...

  18. 中国好声音 第3季 2014-07-25期 纯享版独播:郑心慈《火柴天堂》
    3.68 min. | 4.962617 user rating
    中国好声音第三季20140725期完整版HD 720p 中国好声音第三季20140725期完整版HDTV FULL

  19. Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTR): Energy for the Future?
    3.23 min. | 4.9772806 user rating
    Hank addresses a highly requested topic - liquid fluoride thorium reactors - and tells us how LFTR might be the future of energy in ... China? Like SciShow o...

  20. Creative is Shaping the Future | Graham Fink | TEDxCEIBS
    18.90 min. | 5.0 user rating
    Graham Fink, Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy & Mather China, gave an inspirational talk about how good ideas can come from anyone at anytime. Starting his advertising career by dressing up...

  21. Korean FAIL
    2.70 min. | 4.886121 user rating
    Some of you may know I lived in South Korea for 18 months... overall, pretty amazing place, you should all check it out sometime. Contact Me YouTube

  22. 10 Weird Things Banned by Governments
    2.92 min. | 4.9106126 user rating
    10 Weird Things Banned by Governments Avoid gum in Singapore, steer clear of gaming in Greece, and don't even think about playing Fall Out Boy in Russia. Dis...

  23. Columbus, de Gama, and Zheng He! 15th Century Mariners. Crash Course: World History #21
    10.63 min. | 4.9497113 user rating
    In which John Green teaches you about the beginning of the so-called Age of Discovery. You've probably heard of Christopher Columbus, who "discovered" Americ...

  24. Top 10 Places You Aren't Allowed To Visit
    2.28 min. | 4.7742114 user rating
    Find out where the worlds highest security locations are. Many are top secret. Where else to find All Time 10s... Facebook: Twitter: http:...

  25. Communists, Nationalists, and China's Revolutions: Crash Course World History #37
    12.18 min. | 4.9456873 user rating
    Don't forget! Crash Course posters and t-shirts at In which John Green teaches you about China's Revolutions. While the rest...

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  1. Love, Rosie Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Lilly Collins, Sam Claflin Movie HD
    2.03 min. | 4.9627504 user rating
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  2. Oops I'm In Ireland
    4.25 min. | 4.9344826 user rating
    Doggy Toys: PART 2 FROM WHITE LIES VIDEO: Then you get home and you're like, ehh I'm kind of hungry lets see what's in the r...

  3. The Space Time Continuum: Thoughts from Dublin
    3.97 min. | 4.98393 user rating
    In which Hank and John and Katherine walk around Dublin and Hank thinks about how we are all but a part of a magnificent continuum that stretches back around...

  4. Love, Rosie Official Teaser Trailer #3 (2014) - Lily Collins, Sam Claflin Movie HD
    1.17 min. | 4.9575257 user rating
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  5. Patrick J. Adams (Suits) takes unexpected call from girlfriend Troian Bellisario at UCD, Dublin
    1.18 min. | 4.981228 user rating
    Watch more of Patrick J Adams at UCD: The UCD Law Society bestowed Honorar...

  6. Christopher Lee discusses Gandalf, Saruman and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    3.38 min. | 4.975082 user rating
    Sir Christopher Lee, at University College Dublin, discusses Gandalf and Saruman in J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings

  7. Video of Obama 'Beast' Cadillac limo stuck on ramp in Ireland
    2.10 min. | 4.785016 user rating
    US President Barack Obama's visit to Ireland got a little bumpy on Monday, after his armoured limousine got stuck as it tried to leave the US embassy in Dubl...

    7.82 min. | 4.861104 user rating
    Today my guest Chris from ChrisCrossMedia helped me make pokemon pizzas! I really enjoy making nerdy themed goodies and decorating them. I'm not a pro, but I...

  9. On how I approach strangers in the street | Humans of New York creator Brandon Stanton | UCD, Dublin
    15.22 min. | 4.9688377 user rating
    Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind the photoblog and #1 New York Times bestselling book Humans of New York has received the James Joyce Award from the ...

  10. How To Make Sodium Metal
    3.37 min. | 4.937596 user rating
    This is one way sodium metal can be isolated using NaOH and Mg. Mg has a strong enough desire for oxygen to tear it from the NaOH, leaving ingots of elementa...

  11. "You'll not only lose your mind, but you'll lose your soul" | Christopher Lee on the occult
    1.92 min. | 4.9152217 user rating
    Sir Christopher Lee at University College Dublin, discusses rumours of his extensive occult library and black magic.

  12. Fight Night Dublin: Conor McGregor Octagon Interview
    2.97 min. | 4.8702064 user rating
    Conor McGregor reflects on his first-round win over Diego Brandao in front of his hometown of Dublin, Ireland.

  13. LICK DOOR KNOBS! ... IMG! #36
    3.15 min. | 4.9061966 user rating
    LINKS *** Epic horseshoes: Rihanna's butt: http:...

  14. 'All Night Long' - Lionel Richie performed by UCD Choral Scholars
    4.25 min. | 4.980198 user rating
    All Night Long - UCD Choral Scholars' 'UCD Choral Scholars perform Desmond Earley's arrangement of Lionel Richie's 'All Night Long' as an encore at the Chris...

  15. UFC on the Fly: Fight Week Dublin
    8.52 min. | 4.9601593 user rating
    On the third and final episode of UFC's On The Fly, Fight Week has arrived. Conor McGregor takes a trip to the tailors to choose his suit for the main event,...

  16. Christopher Lee on his favourite roles - Lord Summerisle, The Wicker Man and Muhammad Ali Jinnah
    2.82 min. | 5.0 user rating
    Sir Christopher Lee, at University College Dublin, discusses his favourite characters and movie roles including Lord Summerisle in the Wicker Man, and the fo...

  17. Christopher Lee discusses Dracula and Hammer Studios...
    6.08 min. | 4.9337015 user rating
    Sir Christopher Lee at University College Dublin, discusses portraying Dracula and working with Hammer Studios Legen...

  18. Calvary Official Theatrical Trailer - Brendan Gleeson, Chris O'Dowd Comedy HD
    2.33 min. | 4.866667 user rating
    Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Subscribe to INDIE TRAILERS: Like us on FACEBO...

  19. Mrs Brown Meets Ken and Barbie - Mrs Brown's Boys - Series 3 Episode 1 - BBC One
    2.02 min. | 4.796545 user rating Mrs Brown invites Ken and Barbie to have a cup of tea.

  20. Christopher Lee discusses working with Spielberg, Scorcese, Peter Jackson and George Lucas
    3.93 min. | 4.980392 user rating
    Sir Christopher Lee discusses the roles he has played, and fight scenes with 'Yoda' and Errol Flynn

  21. Fight Night Dublin: Weigh-in Highlight
    1.63 min. | 4.918228 user rating
    Check out the highlights from today's weigh-in in Dublin, including the heated face off between headliners Conor McGregor and Diego Brandao.

  22. Passenger - Hearts on Fire w/ Ed Sheeran
    5.53 min. | 4.9575114 user rating
    'Hearts on Fire' filmed at the O2 Arena, Dublin. Heart's On Fire - OUT NOW UK - Ireland -

  23. Patrick J. Adams' (Suits) acceptance speech: UCD Law Society, University College Dublin
    10.37 min. | 4.968254 user rating
    The UCD Law Society bestowed Honorary Life Membership upon Patrick J. Adams on Tuesday September 10th (5:00pm, Astra Hall, University College Dublin). Mr Ada...

  24. UCD Campus Tour with 2013 Student Ambassadors
    3.12 min. | 4.948052 user rating
    UCD Student Ambassadors give a 3 minute tour around the University College Dublin Belfield Campus. Filmed in summer 2013, the ambassadors show the Student Ce...

  25. UFC on the Fly: Conor McGregor
    6.10 min. | 4.833935 user rating
    On the first episode of UFC's On The Fly, Conor McGregor, one of the UFC's rising stars in the featherweight division, makes his final preparations before UF...

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Dublín, 22 jul (EFE).- El Gobierno irlandés ha pedido a sus ministros, altos funcionarios y diplomáticos que "sean muy cuidadosos" y eviten "expresar opiniones" que parezcan parciales respecto al referéndum sobre la independencia de Escocia, informó ...

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Pulso de San Luis

Balean a un hombre en bar Dublín en Carranza; hay dos detenidos ...
Pulso de San Luis
Una persona fue herida con un arma de fuego en el bar Dublín, ubicado en la avenida Venustiano Carranza, casi esquina con avenida Muñoz. Elementos de la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública del Estado (SSPE) lograron asegurar a dos presuntos ...
Un herido en balacera en El DublinLa Razón

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Puente Libre La Noticia Digital

Presenta Mark Brady libro sobre cultura rarámuri en Dublín
Puente Libre La Noticia Digital
Presenta Mark Brady libro sobre cultura rarámuri en Dublín. "Viviendo al límite: 30 años de un irlandés con los tarahumaras" es título del libro presentado por Mark Brady en Dublín, Irlanda. Presenta Mark Brady libro sobre cultura rarámuri en Dublín ...

Conor McGregor venció a Brandao en Dublín
Conor McGregor derrotó con apenas cuatro minutos y cinco segundos del primer round al brasileño Diego Brandao en la pelea estelar que UFC Fight Night protagonizó en tierras irlandesas. Desde el inicio del combate, fue el de Dublín quien marcaría la ...
McGregor-Brandao y cartel listo en Dublí
McGregor noquea a Brandao en DublínDiario Deportivo Record

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Irish Times

Video: 'Spiderman' involved in fight on busy Dublin street
Irish Independent
Video: 'Spiderman' involved in fight on busy Dublin street. Clare Cullen. Published 30/07/2014|10:31. 0 Comments; Share. A video of a man dressed as Spiderman involved in an confrontation with a man in a tracksuit has gone viral. Share. Go To. Comments.
Real life Spiderman fights 'villain' on streets of
Video of 'Spiderman' getting tough in Dublin goes viralIrish Times

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