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Cienica en podcast con Ciencia al Cubo Programa dedicado a novedades y curiosidades de la ciencia. Temas relacionados con la salud. Divulgacion cientifica, se hace eco de los  descubrimientos e investigaciones cienticas.

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  1. Yao Ming's Top 10 Plays of his Career
    2.85 min. | 4.886068 user rating
    Considered to be one of the best shooting big men in the history of the game, Yao Ming towered over his defenders and was a global icon & Chinese hero. Few p...

  2. Improvável - Só Perguntas #7
    3.52 min. | 4.938344 user rating --- Convidados: Jogador: Marco Luque MC: Marcelo Tas Jogo: Só Perguntas Regra: Só é permitido conversar através de perguntas e t...

  3. The 10 CRAZIEST Foods in the World!
    5.68 min. | 4.9394236 user rating
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  4. Wait For It...The Mongols!: Crash Course World History #17
    11.53 min. | 4.948259 user rating
    Crash Course World History is now available on DVD! Visit to buy a set for your home or classroom. You can directly support Crash Cour...

  5. 10 Differences between Canadians & Americans!
    4.50 min. | 4.911304 user rating
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  6. 10 Misconceptions Rundown
    3.98 min. | 4.9388485 user rating
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  7. Amazing Facts To Blow Your Mind Pt. 3
    2.33 min. | 4.941399 user rating
    Time for some more amazing facts to turn your brain to mush! Subscribe - Follow us! (Links below) TWITTER - FACEB...

  8. Coldplay - Paradise
    4.35 min. | 4.917337 user rating
    Coldplay's new album Ghost Stories, is out now! Download it at or get the CD at ~ Follow Co...

  9. How Many Countries Are There?
    5.43 min. | 4.944303 user rating
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  10. 10 CRAZIEST Laws in the World
    7.08 min. | 4.9192076 user rating
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  11. 10 Most AMAZING Wonders Of Nature (That You've Never Seen!)
    8.75 min. | 4.96564 user rating
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  12. 50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #7
    7.85 min. | 4.969957 user rating
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  13. 50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #8
    7.82 min. | 4.969817 user rating
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  14. Improvável - Cenas Improváveis #61
    4.97 min. | 4.9860373 user rating
    Chaves, como você nunca viu antes. Site do Espetáculo: Site da Cia. Barbixas de Humor: --- Convidados...

  15. Are Hong Kong & Macau Countries?
    4.88 min. | 4.922258 user rating
    Discuss this video: Support: Podcast: http://www...

  16. 50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #9
    9.18 min. | 4.9707804 user rating
    More 50 Amazing Facts videos: Sources used for these facts: Subscribe! New videos every Saturday: ...

  17. Americans Taste Exotic Asian Food
    3.92 min. | 4.8605566 user rating
    When your food fights back! Post to Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Post to Twitter:

  18. The 10 STRANGEST Traditions from Around the World!
    7.77 min. | 4.9611716 user rating
    Baby Tossing: Initiation With Ants: Subscribe! New videos every Saturday: ...

  19. Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind Pt. 2
    2.40 min. | 4.8918505 user rating
    TWEET IT - Time for some more interesting facts to make your head explode! Now you can sound even smarter around your friends w...

  20. Americans Try International Sodas (Part 2)
    2.35 min. | 4.957614 user rating
    THESE AIN'T YOUR GRAND-PAPPY'S SODAS. Or maybe they are. IDK. Share on Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook:

  21. 10 Unexplained Discoveries
    2.35 min. | 4.9032936 user rating
    10 Unexplained Discoveries Some findings are puzzling, these are downright unexplainable, find out more in 10 unexplained discoveries. Music = Round the Cloc...

  22. How Much Food Can You Buy For $5 Around The World?
    1.73 min. | 4.870956 user rating
    Here's how much coffee, meat, beer, McDonald's, and more you can buy for $5 in countries around the world. For starters, you can buy a lot of beer for $5 in ...

    12.98 min. | 4.9529552 user rating

  24. Americans Try Singaporean Food
    2.43 min. | 4.914011 user rating
    There should really be more foods on sticks. Facebook Share: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Twitter Share: h...

  25. Wanting 曲婉婷 - 我的歌声里 (You Exist In My Song) [Trad. Chinese] [Official Music Video]
    3.58 min. | 4.8784666 user rating
    Download the music video at iTunes: "我的歌聲裡You Exist In My Song" (Traditional Chinese Subtitles) [Official Music Video] - Lyrics, m...

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  1. Oops I'm In Ireland
    4.25 min. | 4.934401 user rating
    Doggy Toys: PART 2 FROM WHITE LIES VIDEO: Then you get home and you're like, ehh I'm kind of hungry lets see what's in the r...

  2. Love, Rosie Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Lilly Collins, Sam Claflin Movie HD
    2.03 min. | 4.967875 user rating
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    7.82 min. | 4.858728 user rating
    Today my guest Chris from ChrisCrossMedia helped me make pokemon pizzas! I really enjoy making nerdy themed goodies and decorating them. I'm not a pro, but I...

  4. Video of Obama 'Beast' Cadillac limo stuck on ramp in Ireland
    2.10 min. | 4.7843738 user rating
    US President Barack Obama's visit to Ireland got a little bumpy on Monday, after his armoured limousine got stuck as it tried to leave the US embassy in Dublin. A large crowd had turned out...

  5. Lucky Green Plaid Nails
    1.98 min. | 4.936395 user rating
    MY SWEETHEART: MAKE YOUR OWN STRIPER: | twitter: @cutepolish | instagram: cut...

  6. Love, Rosie Official UK Trailer #1 (2014) - Lilly Collins, Sam Claflin Movie HD
    2.33 min. | 4.9554286 user rating
    Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Like us on FACEBOOK: Follow us on TWITTER: htt...

  7. Mrs Brown's Orgasmic Phone Call - Mrs Brown's Boys - Series 3 Episode 5 Preview - BBC One
    3.77 min. | 4.702542 user rating
    More about this programme: Buster brings home a new smartphone that causes some interesting vibrations for Mrs Brown...

  8. The Space Time Continuum: Thoughts from Dublin
    3.97 min. | 4.9837427 user rating
    In which Hank and John and Katherine walk around Dublin and Hank thinks about how we are all but a part of a magnificent continuum that stretches back around...

    2.27 min. | 4.933838 user rating
    For tickets to the show: Exclusive Merch available on-site! Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with special guests Ellie Goulding, Danny Brown, & ...

  10. Patrick J. Adams (Suits) takes unexpected call from girlfriend Troian Bellisario at UCD, Dublin
    1.18 min. | 4.9807625 user rating
    Watch more of Patrick J Adams at UCD: The UCD Law Society bestowed Honorar...

  11. Mrs Brown Does a Striptease - Mrs Brown's Boys - Series 3 Episode 1 - BBC One
    1.35 min. | 4.8239236 user rating After being hypnotised, Mrs Brown believes she is a stripper every time she hears the trigger word 'baptism'.

  12. Schrödinger's Theatre - Sixty Symbols
    9.07 min. | 4.957143 user rating
    A lecture theatre at Trinity College, Dublin, is named in honour of Erwin Schrödinger. It was in Dublin that the physicist gave his famous lectures: "What is...

  13. How To Make Sodium Metal
    3.37 min. | 4.937626 user rating
    This is one way sodium metal can be isolated using NaOH and Mg. Mg has a strong enough desire for oxygen to tear it from the NaOH, leaving ingots of elementa...

  14. Christopher Lee discusses Gandalf, Saruman and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    3.38 min. | 4.9766297 user rating
    Sir Christopher Lee, at University College Dublin, discusses Gandalf and Saruman in J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings

  15. Sinead O' Connor - 8 Good Reasons [Official Music Video]
    3.75 min. | 4.891182 user rating
    '8 Good Reasons' is taken from the album I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss Amazon - iTunes -

  16. Hammer and Spark - Sixty Symbols
    9.45 min. | 4.932563 user rating
    We're in Dublin discussing Ireland's only science Nobel Prize winner, Ernest Walton, known as ETS to his colleagues. One of those colleagues, Iggy McGovern, ...

  17. Ed Sheeran: UK & Ireland Multiply Tour (Part 1)
    2.13 min. | 4.9726377 user rating
    Ed goes back to The Steamboat Tavern, the scene for many of his earliest live shows. Watch Part 2 here: Subscribe to Ed's channel...

  18. On how I approach strangers in the street | Humans of New York creator Brandon Stanton | UCD, Dublin
    15.22 min. | 4.9696417 user rating
    Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind the photoblog and #1 New York Times bestselling book Humans of New York has received the James Joyce Award from the ...

  19. Passenger - Hearts on Fire w/ Ed Sheeran
    5.53 min. | 4.9565053 user rating
    'Hearts on Fire' filmed at the O2 Arena, Dublin. Heart's On Fire - OUT NOW UK - Ireland -

  20. The Lumineers perform 'Ho Hey' live in Dublin | The Late Late Show
    2.78 min. | 4.905947 user rating
    Watch the full show here: The Late Late Show | Friday | RTÉ One | 9:35pm Available worldwide on RTÉ Player.

  21. 'All Night Long' - Lionel Richie performed by UCD Choral Scholars
    4.25 min. | 4.9814816 user rating
    All Night Long - UCD Choral Scholars' 'UCD Choral Scholars perform Desmond Earley's arrangement of Lionel Richie's 'All Night Long' as an encore at the Chris...

  22. Trinity College Dublin
    5.92 min. | 4.9069767 user rating

  23. Hozier - Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene (with Lyrics)
    3.67 min. | 4.9608026 user rating
    Artist: Hozier Album: Take Me To Church E​.​P. Songname: Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene Lyrics: I watch the work of my kin bold and boyful Toying s...

  24. Christopher Lee discusses Dracula and Hammer Studios...
    6.08 min. | 4.9219513 user rating
    Sir Christopher Lee at University College Dublin, discusses portraying Dracula and working with Hammer Studios Legen...

  25. Sport Relief's Greatest Day World Cup Song
    6.90 min. | 4.8569536 user rating
    Subscribe for more great video: Gary Lineker pulls together his celebrity friends with Gary Barlow to create the greatest world cup son...

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Guinness Storehouse se traslada de Dublín a Madrid durante cuatro ...
Diario Financiero
Ha arrancado el evento Billy Power, que ha garantizado que la cerveza que se vende en Dublín es exactamente la misma que se vende en España, solo que con diferente presentación, y es por ello que lo que ahora pretende es que hasta la presentación ...

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La particular visión de Dublín de Maser para U2 Films of Innocence
U2fanlife (blog)
A través del uso de la luz como pintura y la fotografía timelapse he creado una obra de arte que se mueve e interactúa con la ciudad de Dublín, a través de sus plazas y calles, así como en algunos lugares emblemáticos. Usé esta obra de arte como una ...

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María González, campeona del Irish Junior Open de Dublín
María González se ha proclamado ganadora en la categoría sub 17 del Irish Junior Open, que se ha disputado en Dublín (Irlanda), este pasado fin de semana. Con 130 jugadores de 9 países diferentes, la jugadora junior demostró del 21 al 23 de noviembre ...


Más de 20.000 personas han asistido al Web Summit que se ha ...
En la capital irlandesa, dos mil empresas emergentes de todo el mundo presentaron sus últimos proyectos y compartieron sus ideas con el público. El Web Summit de Dublín es la oportundidad perfecta para encontrar a clientes e inversores potenciales.

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Los escolares del Susarte, de intercambio a Dublín
La Verdad
Un grupo de seis alumnos y tres profesores del colegio Susarte de Las Torres de Cotillas realizaron la segunda movilidad del 'Proyecto Comenius' a Dublín, con el colegio St. Mark´s Community School como destino. En la ciudad irlandesa los jóvenes ...

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